Laser Screeding

What is Laser Screed Concrete Floor

A Laser Screed Flooring is a concrete floor that has been levelled by a machine that uses lasers to precisely scree the floor at the exact same height across the whole floor.

The laser acts as a very accurate and very long piece of string.

The laser transmitter is very similar to the laser system you see regularly being used on construction projects and public works. It transmits a laser beam across the area of the floor with exact precision.

The machine transmits the laser beam at a height of around 2m above the required surface of the floor.

The levelling system consists of a laser sensor, a vibration unit and a scraper plate.

The scraper plate is set at a fixed distance from the height of the laser sensor. The scraper is drawn across the freshly poured concrete levelling the surface with complete accuracy. The vibration unit follows behind making the concrete surface completely smooth.

Before the concrete is completely set it is normally to finish the surface with a dry shake finish.

The advantages of a laser screed floor

  • The completed floor is guaranteed to be completely flat and totally level.
  • Very large areas of jointless concrete can be created much faster than with traditional methods.  We believe that areas in excess of 300m² can be laid per hour.
  • Fewer people are involved in the laying of the floor.
  • The possibility of errors in construction are much reduced.
  • Because it is faster and requires fewer people the cost of laying the floor is much reduced.
  • Because it is laid quickly the concrete has a greater structural integrity and the likelihood of cracks in the surface is much reduced.